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    My animation Showreel

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    Loop de Loop Animation Challenge: Empathy

    An animation I did for Loop de Loops animation challenge. Theme: Empathy.

  • Twist – Loop de Loop

    Twist – Loop de Loop

    This is my entry for ‘Twist’ on Loop de Loop. Animated in Flash and After Effects […]

  • Light


    I animated this for Loop de Loop using After Effects. It’s silent at the moment, but […]

  • Escher Ball

    Escher Ball

    Physics simulation, plus some fancy compositing and animation trickery. Animated in Blender and After Effects.

  • Dance Party

    Dance Party

    This was an entry for Loop de Loop, an online animation challenge. The theme was dance […]

  • The Shieldmaker

    The Shieldmaker

    This was a short film me and Amer Nazri made shortly after we left university.

  • Clive


    This was my university graduation film. Clive has a rather interesting hobby. See if you can […]



    This was a short film I made while I was a student.It’s mostly After Effects with […]